Two 14- year- old male students from Wilson Junior High School in Manitowoc were taken into custody yesterday after two students approached school resource Officer Paul Krock that there may be a gun in the school. Captain Larry Zimney says Officer Krock based on information received confronted one suspect and found approximately “a handful” of 22 caliber ammunition in a student’s backpack. A short time later Officer Krock recovered a loaded 22 caliber revolver from a second students backpack and both were taken into custody without incident. An initial investigation indicates the boy brought the gun to school because he felt the need for protection from “a group” he felt threatened by. Zimney praises the students who came forward thankful they felt comfortable enough to speak with Officer Krock and prevent a possible tragic situation. There will be an added police presence at  all schools today along with guidance counselors for those who need to talk or express their feelings.