The two finalists for Wisconsin public school superintendent have their most intense debate yet about the state’s use of the Common Core educational standards. On the statewide T-V show “Upfront with Mike Gousha,” challenger Lowell Holtz vowed to throw out the national standards — even though Republicans have talked about dumping Common Core the past few years and have not done so. Superintendent Tony Evers, who’s running for his third term, said a state official has “no authority” to drop Common Core — and Evers notes that all but about two dozen of the state’s 424 school districts have adopted it. Holtz — a former Beloit and Whitnall superintendent — says he most objects to what he called “federal intrusion,” noting that the math and English standards are tied to the schools’ report cards. Evers said that if Holtz wants to fight “federal intrusion,” he should oppose the Trump administration’s budget which Evers said would force a shutdown of after school programs.