A 55-year-old woman has been arrested in Green Bay on suspicion of her 7th retail theft offense. Police say Donna Ledesma stole items from the same grocery store twice within several days. Television station W-B-A-Y reports that on March 17th, Green Bay Police were called to a theft at the Pick ‘n Save on Main Street. Store employees told officers that a woman, later identified as Ledesma, had filled up a cart with food and left the store without paying. She was captured on surveillance footage. On March 20th, she returned to Pick ‘n Save and filled her cart with food, and again tried to leave without paying. An off-duty officer recognized Ledesma from surveillance photos and stopped her in the parking lot and held her until officers arrived on scene. Ledesma is scheduled to appear in court this (Tuesday) afternoon. Police say she also had outstanding warrants totaling about 14-thousand dollars.