State lawmakers of both parties are questioning Governor Scott Walker’s plan to have the government run its own health insurance plan for public workers. Administration Secretary Scott Neitzel told the Joint Finance Committee today (Tuesday) that the plan makes “perfect and simple sense.”  He said it would save 60-million dollars in the next two years which would be given to public schools. Neitzel says the continuation of Obamacare could mean an extra 22-million dollars from federal taxes. But Assembly G-O-P finance chair John Nygren says the change may end up costing taxpayers in the long run. Stevens Point Assembly Democrat Katrina Shankland wondered how many state and local public workers would have to change doctors, but Neitzel says not many would have to change doctors at all. The issue came up during the first day of the finance panel’s briefings on Walker’s two-year, 76-billion dollar state budget package.