Kansas ranchers have been having to battle massive fires that destroyed more than 650,000 acres, and a local dairy has stepped p to the plate to assist. Greendale Dairy in Kiel has decided to donate more than 30 bales of alfalfa hay to Bouzidan Ranch in Ashland, Kansas. Greendale Owners Nic Schoenberger and Mike Schuler loaded up the bales with help from the man tasked with making the over 1,000 mile drive, Paul Litz of Paul Litz Trucking. Litz has also agreed to cover the cost of the delivery which is estimated at around $3,000. Greendale has a connection to the area, as they get their heifers from Allen Kansas, which is three hours north of the areas affected by the blaze. Schoenberger said that connection made them “neighbors, instead of someone just next door.”