A 21-year old Manitowoc man in custody since March 24th for his involvement in five northside residential burglaries waived his right to a preliminary hearing this afternoon (yesterday). Tyler Staab(stob) is accused of breakins in the 800 blocks of North 14th and 15th streets—the 900 blocks of North 15th & sixteenth streets and the 1500 block of New York Avenue. Police arrested Staab (stob) following a tip from an area resident who said the suspect was walking in the neighborhood and acting suspiciously.  He was picked up and brought to the police station where he reportedly confessed to forcibly  entering the properties and stealing large amounts of coins—a small safe and a bottle of alcohol.  Staab said he acted alone burglarized the residences  to support a marijuana & methamphetamine habit.  The local man who had an  active warrant for a Huber law violation at the Manitowoc County jail remains behind-bars with bail remaining at $1000 recognizance bond on the escape charge and $2500 cash on the five burglary charges. A settlement conference with the DA’s office is scheduled for May 31st at 10 am.