The state D-N-R says a court ruling that dropped a citation for baiting and feeding deer in places with chronic wasting disease applies only to the defendant who brought the case. Third District appellate judge Thomas Hruz ruled Tuesday that John Walker of Minong was in his rights to have corn and pumpkins near his deer hunting stands close to the start of the gun season in 2015 — and Hruz said the D-N-R failed to prove that Walker intended to hunt with the bait. That was in Washburn County, where a discovery of C-W-D resulted in a state baiting and feeding ban, but Walker said he used the food to feed his dogs. The D-N-R’s Jim Dick says his agency will keep using discretion in giving citations — but Assembly Republican Adam Jarchow of Balsam Lake says people in their backyards have also had their enjoyment of feeding deer cut off. He has a bill that would end the feeding ban after three years in counties directly affected by C-W-D, and after two years in their neighboring counties.