Forefront Dermatology is expanding in downtown Manitowoc. The company, which was founded in Manitowoc by Roncalli graduate Kenneth Katz, has moved many of their workers into their new space at 2 North 8th St., and are adding 200 more jobs over the next few years. The new facility is 15,000 square feet, and is in adition to the 50,000 square feet the company already uses in downtown Manitowoc. As a result of their expansion, Wisconsin officials have promised $850,000 in tax credits. In a press release, Katz stated. “Forefront Dermatology’s growth has exceeded our expectations and we’re thrilled that our success has resulted in creating hundreds of jobs, and supporting the revitalization of Manitowoc’s downtown.” Forefront is the second largest dermatology practice in the U.S.