State officials say they’re looking for dairy processors in Wisconsin and elsewhere who could accept milk from at least 100 farmers who face the loss of their main buyers as early as May first. Grassland Dairy near Greenwood and Nasonville Dairy near Marshfield say they’re out of room for the milk they’re buying from farmers. That’s after Canadian provinces changed their pricing policies so farmers there could buy their own specialized milk for cheese instead of following contracts with Wisconsin and New York State suppliers. Some of the affected Wisconsin farmers met on Good Friday to seek other processors from around the state who could take their milk — and dairy farmer Carrie Mess of Watertown says that if every possible supplier can make room, they’ll be okay. There’s been a lot of finger pointing between farmers and leaders in the two countries, but state Ag Secretary Ben Brancel says it comes down to finding solutions in just two weeks — unless lenders could give their farmers some latitude.