Recent fatal shootings in North Central Wisconsin and elsewhere throughout the country have created a need for law enforcement to better protect themselves, so they can better protect and serve the public. One way the Manitowoc Sheriff’s Department has equipped themselves is by purchasing a Lenco Bearcat, or in Lehman’s terms, a tactical SWAT vehicle. The diesel powered, armored vehicle was payed for mainly by forfeiture money the department collected during drug raids and from donations . The vehicle, which was purchased at a cost of just under $270,000 from a company in Pittsfield Massachusetts, comes equipped with an extendable battering ram, a winch, a turret, as well as armored skirts to protect officers from being shot underneath the hull. The Bearcat has thankfully not had to be used to its full potential as of yet, but it does travel with the SWAT team when they respond to an active, high risk search warrant that could possibly turn violent.