An arrest warrant has been issued for a 27 year old Manitowoc woman after failing to appeari n court Tuesday on a forgery charge.  Amber Kennedy is also charged with attempted forgery – possession of drug paraphernalia – theft and seven counts of felony bail jumping.  According to the criminal complaint, Kennedy attempted to cash a fraudulent check March 23rd for $2000 at a Manitowoc credit union from teh account of 25 year old Alexandra Krizizke of Two Rivers.  Later that day, Krizizke was with Kennedy when she attempted to cash a separate check for $1000 from a different account at a different bank.  When police confronted the two women, Kennedy said she was trying to cash a check from her aunt who was helping her with child support payments.  But her aunt said she had not given her niece any money or checks or gave her permission to take the checks.  Both suspects were then taken into custody.  Krizizke did appear in court Tuesday and waived her right for a preliminary hearing on fraud and forgery charges with a settlement conference with the DA’s office set for May 23rd.