On Monday 05-08-17 at 4:41 pm the Manitowoc Police Department was dispatched to the 1600 block of Thomas Court for the complaint of a pit bull aggressively attacking a Labrador retriever.

Prior to the attack, a neighbor observed the pit bull running loose and enter his neighbor’s yard.  Shortly after, he heard a whining and yelping noise and discovered the pit bull had the neighbor’s lab pinned to the ground.

The dog’s owner was yelling at the pit bull but it continued to attack the lab.  The dog’s owner and the neighbor attempted to free the lab by hitting the pit bull with a small wooden bat in the back of the head.  After repeated attempts failed to stop the attacking pit bull, the pit bull was shot one time in an attempt to stop the attack.  The pit bull ran off but returned and attacked the lab a second time by biting it underneath it’s jaw.  The pit bull was then shot a second time and ran off where it was captured by the owner’s friends.

Recent police department records indicate that this pit bull aggressively attacked another dog in the City of Two Rivers and had run loose in the City of Manitowoc.  The pit bull was transported to Lakeshore Animal Shelter.  The owner of the pit bull was cited for attacking animal and the police department will recommend the dog be removed from the city.