Wisconsin’s secretary of Children and Families defends the way Dane County agencies responded, after a 17-year-old runaway foster girl from the county was found in a car with drugs in Chicago. Sheriff Thomas Dart of Chicago wrote a scathing letter to Governor Scott Walker which said Wisconsin agencies refused to pick up the teen last Thursday. Reports said sheriff’s officers contacted the girl’s foster mother, and was referred to Madison’s Juvenile Reception Center and Dane County Human Services — they all refused to take her — and Dart told Walker he arranged for Illinois children’s workers to help after nobody in Wisconsin previously reported the girl missing. Dart called the state’s response “shocking and disgraceful” — while Wisconsin children’s secretary Eloise Anderson said Dane County appeared to act properly, and it was up to the sheriff to place the girl with a local agency until arrangements could be made to return her. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says the girl ran away from an Illinois placement shelter, and she’s now back in Wisconsin with another foster family.