A big stock sale raises speculation that Republican Eric Hovde might pay for his own U-S Senate campaign for a second time. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says the Madison investor has sold 14-million dollars of stock in the technology firm of ePlus, for which Hovde has been a board member since 2006. Hovde has not said whether he’ll try to seek the G-O-P nomination for the Senate seat held by Democrat Tammy Baldwin in 2012, but he’s reported to be one of several who are interested. Hovde placed second to Tommy Thompson in the 2012 G-O-P primary by putting up five million dollars, and the Journal Sentinel says his stock sale could fund both a primary and a general election campaign. That could address concerns about Republicans not having enough money after the primary for their nominee, which is what happened in 2012 as Baldwin won without her own major primary challenger.