The Salvation Army of Manitowoc County is continuing to serve the displaced residents of Parkview Haven. “We are here to serve 24/7. This is a huge tragedy for all concerned. Today is the first time that any residents were let back in the building since leaving it a week ago with just the clothes on their back. We are supplying them with the basic needs but what these people really need is to get back into a more permanent home.” stated Lt. Jeff Olson, Salvation Army Commanding Officer. “As always the community is responding and we are being flooded with calls for donations and questions of how can we help. The best help at this time is monetary donations that we can earmark for the residents. We are going to need to provide essentials and basic furniture when we are able to find placement for our neighbors. The damage to the apartment building is still undetermined but regardless if the tenants move back in or find a new place to live they will need almost everything besides the kitchen sink.”, said Lt. Olson.

The Salvation Army of Manitowoc County has been assisted by many agencies, volunteers, restaurant owners/managers, and individuals to help support the displaced residents of Parkview Haven. This is a list of some of them and there is an even longer list of those who we don’t even know. Thank you for giving so graciously of your time, talents and treasures.

Festival Foods, Dominos, Kwik Trip, Bud Willman’s, Luigi’s, Maretti’s,  Lucky Bamboo, Subway, Cousins Subs, Copps, Piggly Wiggly, McDonald’s, Fatzo’s, Noodles & Company, A&W, Big Apple Bagels, Silver Valley Supper Club, Globe Cleaners, Dugout, Smile Clinic, Pizza Hut, Little Caesars, Lakeshore Dental, Medicine Shoppe, Shopko, Walmart, Fork & Knife, and Aurora.



Lt. Jeff Olson says, “None of what we do is possible without the support of the community, We are a team and a pretty great team at that.”

The Salvation Army will be looking for volunteers willing to be on call to help move people into their new homes. If you are interested in helping you can contact the office at 684-7117.