Green Bay Packers’ coach Mike McCarthy says he knows firsthand that a fresh start is not always the best thing for someone who’s struggling — and that’s why he’s sticking with Dom Capers as the Pack’s defensive coordinator, despite what has become annual calls by fans to let him go. On an E-S-P-N/Milwaukee radio show this week, McCarthy said he looks back to kicker Mason Crosby’s big slump in 2012 — and his ensuing recovery — as an example of how “results don’t always prove to be the answer to the right decision.” McCarthy says he has to be realistic in his approach, and consider different strengths and weaknesses at various times of the year. Packers’ G-M Ted Thompson again loaded up on defense in the recent draft, as Capers begins his ninth season running the Green Bay defense. Also, media reports say Packers assistant pro personnel director Tim Terry is leaving to take the top pro personnel scouting spot at Kansas City.