U-S Senator Ron Johnson finally appears at the town hall meeting he’s been criticized for weeks for not holding. The Wisconsin Republican joined the Tea Party’s Grandsons of Liberty on Sunday at a session in Franklin attended by about 60 people with 35 protesters outside. The picketers held signs in favor of government run health insurance and an expansion of BadgerCare — while inside, Johnson was peppered with questions and stories from those worried about the future of their care. Saint Francis cancer patient Gail Campbell said her doctor warned that her treatments would be restricted — and the House health package would make her lose coverage for physical therapy and asthma medicine, but Johnson said it’s “way too soon” for her doctor to say that. Republicans have been getting hammered at in person town hall meetings from Obamacare supporters, but Grandsons of Liberty president Tim Dake said the large numbers of opponents were okay with him — and as he put it, “It’s dull” if Johnson was “just preaching to the choir.”