The state has asked the U-S Supreme Court to block an order to have G-O-P legislators redraw state legislative district lines by November first. Attorney General Brad Schimel has waited for three months to find out if the justices in Washington will hold oral arguments on the state’s appeal of a ruling by three federal judges last fall that the G-O-P’s district maps from 2011 were unconstitutionally gerrymandered in the party’s favor — and new maps should be drawn in time for the 2018 elections. On Monday, Schimel told the Supreme Court it should not have to spend the time and money to draw new maps, unless the justices agree that the current ones are unconstitutional. The Fair Elections Project says the justices should let last year’s ruling stand, saying the G-O-P would go to “ends of the earth” to defend what a group spokesman calls “their unfair maps.”