Suicide in no laughing matter, and video streaming service Netflix created a show to help drive that point home. The Netflix show “13 Reasons Why” debuted on March 31st, and was a dramatization of author Jay Asher’s novel of the same name. The show takes place after a teen committed suicide, and shows the 13 reasons why she did it. The show has touched many people, and even helped people realize they need help/. Doug Brey, the director of crisis services for Winnebago County, says that this month alone, 37 minors have been referred to his team for intervention, which is up from 26 referrals during the same time last year. Brey said the show may be responsible, by either showing teens that it’s ok to talk about their feelings, or by accidently triggering youth on the brink of crisis with the difficult content. If you are experiencing hardship in your life, and feel like you need some support, please contact your local crisis hotline. In Manitowoc County, that number is (920) 683-4332.