Madison P-G-A golfer Steve Stricker says he reached out to his friend Tiger Woods after the 14 time major champion was arrested for D-U-I in Florida on Monday. Stricker tells the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel they didn’t talk very long, but Woods told him what he told the rest of us — that alcohol was not involved, and he had an unexpected reaction to medications. Stricker has been a playing partner with Woods in both the Ryder Cup and the President’s Cup — and as the U-S team captain for this fall, Stricker named Woods as one of his assistants for the President’s Cup in New Jersey. Police said they found Woods asleep behind the wheel, with his car stopped in a traffic lane around two a-m Monday. Among Woods’ medications was Vicodin, the painkiller for which former Packers’ quarterback Brett Favre needed treatment for an addiction in the 1990s, soon before he played in two Super Bowls.