Bail hearings for five people suspected to be a part of a heroin distribution ring took place yesterday afternoon, including one man who is responsible for selling $135,000 to $200,000 in heroin over the course of a year. The suspects are 59 year old Myron Pieschel, 48 year old Tammy Pieschell, 47 year old Claurice Smith, 50 year old Jeffery Truetner, and the man responsible for the large number of sales, 58 year old Darryl Reynolds. Reynolds also has the distinction of having the largest bail of the group, which is set at $250,000. All five are expected to face charges of conspiracy to deliver heroin, possession of cocaine, and possession of methamphetamine. All of them are being held in the Manitowoc County Jail, and are scheduled to return to court on Monday,  June 19th.