Wisconsin is one step closer to being the 28th state to call a U-S constitutional convention. With seven Republicans and all Democrats voting no, the state Assembly voted 54-41 Wednesday to call the convention with the sole purpose a demanding a balanced federal budget — and they sent the resolution to the Senate. G-O-P Speaker Robin Vos says Congress has “failed in any meaningful way” to curb the national debt. Only six more states would be needed to call the convention, and opponents feared it would propose amendments to curb free speech and gun ownership — but Lake Hallie Republican Kathy Bernier said the odds were “slim to none” that those amendments could be ratified by the required 38 states, and the Assembly passed safeguards to keep Wisconsin delegates from straying. Dodgeville Republican Todd Novak says people in his district “don’t want to mess with the Constitution” — and he voted no to the convention along with fellow Republicans Nancy VanderMeer, Treig Pronschinske, Lee Nerison, David Murphy, Joel Kitchens, and Rob Brooks.