The panel that’s rewriting the new state budget has voted to end Wisconsin’s domestic partner registry — which gives same sex couples about 40-percent of the legal benefits of married couples. The Joint Finance Committee voted 12-4 Thursday to put an end to the eight-year-old registry in the new budget, saying it’s no longer needed after the U-S Supreme Court decided in 2015 to let same sex couples get married. Those currently on the registry would not lose their benefits. Democrats said the registry should be extended to all couples, and Middleton Senator Jon Erpenbach said the G-O-P is “pushing marriage on people who may not want to be married for whatever reason.” The finance panel also voted 12-4 to stop giving fringe benefits to domestic partners of state and local government workers — most of whom are in opposite sex couples. And as expected, the finance panel said no to the governor’s proposal to have the state government insure its own workers instead of letting 17 private H-M-Os do that.