A Manitowoc woman finds herself in hot water after being hit with her 3rd OWI charge. Manitowoc Police were called to the Kwik Trip on South 42nd Street early Monday morning, on a report of theft. The woman, later identified as 24 year old Vanessa Telford entered the Kwik Trip, and displayed signs of being intoxicated. She took several bites of two different food items, and then set them down. When asked to pay for them, she refused, prompting the call to police. While the police were en route, Telford did pay for the food, but began to drive away.

Two city police cars arrived as she was leaving, so they pursued and pulled her over, in the Fastenal parking lot. After running the license plates, they asked Telford what took place at Kwik Trip. After saying she didn’t take anything, and claiming she hadn’t been drinking, she began to walk away. The officers detained her and issued a field sobriety test. It was determined she was intoxicated, so the officers attempted to arrest Telford. While she was in the vehicle, she asked multiple time why they were doing this to her and the police explained that she was under arrest for OWI.

Telford agreed to a blood alcohol test, so the police brought her to Holy Family Memorial Hospital. Upon arrival, she complained about a pain in her right ankle, so the officers attempted to place her in a wheelchair, but she dropped to the ground. She then refused to help the officers get her into the chair, forcing them to lift her. Telford continued to resist when she was asked to get into the chair for a blood draw, and repeatedly said she wanted to speak with her therapist. The officers continued to ask her if she wanted to submit to the blood draw, and she again agreed. Even though she agreed, she continued to uncooperative, including laying on the floor, and making noises like she was going to vomit. The officers brought her a trash can, and she then leaned over the can, putting pressure on her neck. The officers spotted this and took the can away. She reportedly made several comments about her wanting the officers to “shoot her”, and that she wanted to shoot the officer in the chest so he could shoot her.

When Telford complained that she was having a panic attack, an officer brought a nurse in, but she refused to be looked at by the nurse. After filling out the proper paperwork, the officers again asked her if she wanted to submit to a blood alcohol test. This time she said no. One officer began filing for a blood search warrant, while Telford was being transported to the ER. She began attempting to kick the officers, which forced them to handcuff her arms to the cot, and strap her legs down. When trying to administer the blood draw, Telford refused to cooperate, and continued to tense up when explicitly asked not to.

After the blood draw, Telford told the officers that she was sexually assaulted, so she was transported to AMC to have a sexual assault kit completed. After the kit was completed, she was transported to the Manitowoc Traffic Safety Office Jail. Upon arrival, Telford refused to exit the squad car, pretended to be asleep, and refused to answer questions. The jail staff was informed of the comments about Telford hurting herself, and they found a razor blade hidden inside of her bra.

Telford is facing her 3rd OWI offence, and is also facing charges of Operating after Revocation-OWI Related, Operating Without Insurance, and Failure to Install an Ignition Interlock Device , and may be  facing a Resisting an Officer charge as well.