An 89-year old man is dead and his 80-year old wife is in ‘critical’ condition at a local hospital…following a 2-vehicle crash yesterday morning in the city of Two Rivers.  Lieutenant Melissa Arps of the Two Rivers Police Department says the victim’s unit was traveling northbound on Tannery Road about 8:45am, when a 2nd vehicle began exiting the St. Peter the Fisherman parking lot, across from 32nd Street.  The point of impact was the driver’s side of the northbound unit and ‘that’ vehicle then spun out of control..going in high-speed circles in the 3200 block of Tannery & into the church parking lot.  It accelerated thru-the-lot before striking a tree on the west side of the property.  Lieutenant Arps said paramedics did a rapid extraction of the two victims from the wreckage.  The male was pronounced dead at the hospital.  While his wife, who was a passenger, sustained serious injuries & remains hospitalized.  The driver of the other vehicle, a 93-year old man and ‘his’ 79-year old passenger were ‘not’ injured. Names of those involved in the crash are not being released at this time, as an investigation continues by the Two Rivers Police Department. The Wisconsin State Patrol provided assistance at the scene.