A 56-year old man was arrested by Manitowoc police in the parking lot of Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry late yesterday afternoon.  Officers were called about 4:00 o’clock to the 800-block of S. 16th Street for the report of a disorderly subject in the area.  The suspect had been inside the fenced-in area of the foundry property, grabbing items off storage shelves and throwing them. He then reportedly entered a backyard in the 1600-block of Clark Street, where the homeowner stated the man was ‘acting crazy’ & opened an outer screen door before trying-to-open a locked wooden door.  The witness told police the man jumped approximately 5-to-8-feet off her deck..and later jumped off a garage before running into the ‘foundry’ parking lot.  When asked why he was running through backyards, he stated he was running from the police because he didn’t have bond money.  The male suspect ignored police commands to stop…before he was detained by 3-officers.  The 56-year old was transported to the county jail on charges of felony bail-jumping, disorderly conduct & resisting an officer.