Wisconsin’s maker of military vehicles is one step closer to doing business with England. The U-S State Department has given the Oshkosh Corporation the okay to pursue a one-billion dollar contract with the United Kingdom to make up to 28-hundred Joint Light Tactical Vehicles for that nation’s military. The units are a more secure version of the Humvee, which has carried U-S troops and supplies on war fields for years but has not protected against explosive devices that have killed troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Oshkosh is building thousands of the more secure haulers for the U-S military, and has expressed an interest for some time in doing business with America’s allies. The proposed contract with the U-K could keep the 37-hundred company employees in Oshkosh on the job for many years by providing more vehicles, technical support, and spare parts for future work — and the State Department says the U-K will have “no trouble absorbing” the Oshkosh products into its Armed Forces.