Manitowoc Police responded to a report of an unconscious man last night on the 2000 block of Clark Street. When they arrived, they located the man, and determined the cause was a drug overdose, due to a baggie with a white substance located near the man. First responders administered 2 doses of NARCAN to the man, which revived him. As the man began to recover, police located a glass smoking device in the man’s pockets, as well as a hypodermic needle and a small baggie of marijuana. One the man fully regained consciousness, he began fighting with EMS personnel, until he was informed that he was ok, which prompted him to cease fighting. After admitting to overdosing on heroin, the man was transported to Holy Family Memorial Hospital. After being medically cleared, police questioned the man more, and he said he did not believe the substance he took was heroin, and tests confirmed it was in fact fentanyl. The man is facing charges of Possession of THC, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.