The City of Manitowoc has announced a series of street-and-lane closures around the Mirro demolition site, beginning next week.  Engineering Division Manager, Greg Minikel (min’-ah-kul), says to ‘accommodate’ the building demolition..South 15th, between Franklin & Washington Streets, will be closed to through traffic from Monday, July 17th through the ‘31st.  South 16th from Franklin to Washington will be barricaded starting Monday..and continuing through August 28th.  Also, Franklin, between S. 15th & 16th, will be closed to traffic from August 1st through the ‘22nd.  In addition, both ‘westbound’ lanes on ‘washington street’ between ‘15th & 16th will be closed…starting next tuesday & running through mid-august.  All traffic will be rerouted into the eastbound lanes during the lane closure.