A Manitowoc alderman has a court appearance next month to face a charge of operating while intoxicated—first offense. 41- year- old Micheal H. Howe was taken into custody during the early morning hours of July fourth at his home on Viebahn Street. A county sheriff’s report indicates that Manitowoc Police were dispatched to Cedar Crest Dairy shortly after 1:30 for a report of individuals who were trying to climb the cow at that location.  The caller stated that the operator of the vehicle seemed to be impaired and felt the individual had a hard time talking and walking back to the vehicle. Officers then responded to Mr. Howe’s home as he was registered owner of that vehicle.  Feeling that Howe had been drinking MPD requested that the sheriff’s department handle the call due to Mr. Howe being a city council member—possibly creating a conflict of interest. After allegedly failing field sobriety tests Howe submitted to a preliminary blood test. It revealed a blood alcohol content of point one-six-four—more than two times above the legal limit to drive.  He was then arrested and taken to Holy Family Memorial where he submitted to a “legal blood draw”. After questioning he was turned over to county jail staff for a mandatory 12 hour hold. Howe received a ticket for $937.50 and his initial court appearance is scheduled for August eighth.