An ‘update’ this morning from Lincoln, Nebraska and the USA ‘Roller-sports’ Championships.  Coach ‘Geoff’ (jeff) Wolf, from the Rollaire Skate Center, said 9-year old Brendan Wolf…finished 6th in the 200-meter inline speedskating medium distance race.  Mean while, the other two local competitors at speedway center, 12-year old Ian Krcma (ee’-in kirch’-mah) and ’17 year old Andy Lemberger..were unable to qualify for the quarterfinals in their ‘500-meter events.  In the longer-distance individual races, wolf was disqualified from his heat in the ‘500’..while Krcma did not make it out of the semifinals.  Krcma advanced to the semifinals in the 2-man relay..where he didn’t place…and Lemberger was not able to move out of ‘his’ heat race in the 2-man relay.  Activity is continuing today at the ‘usars’ national meet.