11 year old Alexys Yaggie of Two Rivers is the driving force behind collecting funds for a bike helmet giveaway, which corresponds with the Great Bike Giveaway happening on Saturday. The Two Rivers Optimists are putting on the bike giveaway which will see the club handing out bikes to children who otherwise wouldn’t get them. Alexys, her father Brad and the rest of the Yaggie family were talking about the bike giveaway, and Alexys had an idea. She came up with idea to collect donations, so she could give helmets to the children as well.

While the idea was all Alexys’, she did have some help from her mother going business to business asking for donations. Word of Alexys’ project began to travel around Two Rivers, and even made its way to the Wisconsin Bike Federation.

Alexys work paid off, as she earned enough money to get enough helmets to go with every bike being given away. Alexys’ hard work and generosity will be remembered for a long time, because each helmet has the logo seen above on it.

Bard told us that he is very proud of his young daughter, saying the amount of support she received was “shocking” but very much so welcomed.

The Great Bike Giveaway and subsequent helmet giveaway will be taking place on Walsh Field in Two Rivers on Saturday, beginning at 1:30 PM.