On 07/29/17, at approximately 0341 hrs., Manitowoc City Police Officers were dispatched to a call of an 18 year old Manitowoc male who was acting irrationally and suspected of being under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

The male was non-compliant with officers and was detained for his and others’ safety. He was led to the back of an ambulance for medical treatment related to the suspected drugs and alcohol in his system. In the ambulance, the male became physically combative. While City of Manitowoc Police Officers and EMS attempted to subdue the male, an Officer along with an EMS provider sustained injuries from the male biting them. The same EMS provider and another Manitowoc Police Officer were both spit on by the male suspect.

An Officer deployed his taser and the male was incapacitated, allowing law enforcement officers to restrain him long enough for EMS personnel to administer a drug to assist in the safe transport of the suspect for medical evaluation at a local hospital.

The Manitowoc Officer and EMS Provider were treated and released from a local hospital.

The male was charged and later transported to the Manitowoc County Jail for two counts of Battery to Law Enforcement/Fire Fighter, two counts of Discharging Bodily Fluids at Public Safety Workers, one count of Obstructing, and a Warrant through the Dept. of Corrections.