State Assembly Republicans will meet today (Tuesday) to see if they can agree on an incentive package for Foxconn that could also help another business while borrowing for road work. Media reports say the G-O-P will decide whether to borrow 252-million dollars to speed up the expansion of Interstate 94 from Milwaukee County to the Illinois line — close to where the Taiwanese Foxconn is expected to build its new ten-billion dollar smartphone L-C-D screen plant. Also, WisPolitics Dot Com says the bill could also include incentives for the Brookfield financial technology firm of Fiserv (fy serv) to keep its headquarters in Wisconsin as it considers a possible out of state location. The governor’s office says the D-O-T is working with federal officials on possible matching funds for the 94 project while Walker has reportedly stopped some of the work on Milwaukee’s Zoo Freeway interchange due to a lack of funding. Senate and Assembly leaders have disagreed on how to pay for road work, and it’s one reason Wisconsin is starting its second month today (Tuesday) without a new state budget.