Manitowoc Police were led on a foot chase on the south side of the city on Sunday. An officer on patrol was cruising by a house suspected of drug activity in the 700 block of Franklin Street just after 5:00 PM, when he saw a vehicle with an expired plate. When the officer confronted the man in the vehicle, the man began to flee. The suspect ran toward the Capitol Civic Center, but was stopped by a tall fence. The officer used his Taser on the man, but it had little effect on him. After a scuffle in which the suspect’s shirt was removed, the man was able to escape the officer, who made his way back to the vehicle. The surrounding neighbors were informed of the man and were asked to report if he was spotted. The police received a call telling police where the man was hiding just after 7:00 PM, and a K-9 unit was deployed. The man was finally caught, and booked on charges of second offence felony Possession of THC, two counts of Obstructing an Officer, and five counts of felony Bail Jumping.