Juries in the Waukesha Slender Man case will be sequestered, so they’re not exposed to media coverage or undue influence during the expected long trials. Fifteen-year-old Anissa Weier has a two week trial set to begin September eleventh, and Morgan Geyser who’s also 15 has a three week trial slated to start in mid October. On Thursday, Circuit Judge Michael Bohren approved a defense request to put local jurors up in secured hotels when they’re not in the courtroom. Bohren says more than 100 potential jurors have answered questionnaires for each defendant, so there should not be a concern that the length of the trials would encourage people to skirt jury duty. Weier and Geyser have both pleaded insanity to adult charges of attempted homicide for the 2014 stabbing of their middle school classmate Peyton Leutner in reported allegiance to the online horror character Slender Man.