Former Milwaukee Bucks guard O-J Mayo says he wants to return to the Bucks once his two year drug ban ends in July of next year. He could play for any team as an unrestricted free agent — but he tells Sports Illustrated he wants to go back to what he left in Milwaukee, saying he was close to coach Jason Kidd and he felt like he let down teammates Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton. The 29-year-old Mayo has spent 13 months away from pro ball for violating the N-B-A’s anti drug policy. He told Sports Illustrated the ban was for smoking marijuana and abusing a prescription drug on the league’s “drugs of abuse list.” Mayo said he was recovering from a broken ankle last summer — and he was not cleared to play international ball until last November — so he took last season off to rehab the ankle and, in his words, “get his stuff together.”