Two people who allegedly kept a nine-year-old girl in a dog kennel in Racine County are due in court at 1:30 this (Friday) afternoon. Prosecutors have filed four felony charges each against 46-year-old Gail LaLonde and 48-year-old Dale Deavers, both of Muskego — and there’s new information that the two reportedly had a marijuana growing operation in the basement of Deavers’ home. LaLonde is the girl’s guardian, and both are accused of keeping the child in a locked cage for about 12 hours a day with a few blankets but no pillows. Sheriff’s deputies and social workers went to an elementary school Wednesday to check a report of child abuse, and officials say the case unraveled from there. Both LaLonde and Deavers are charged with false imprisonment, causing child mental harm, manufacturing marijuana, and maintaining a drug trafficking place.