Republican lawmakers want Wisconsin to reduce its protections for wetlands and air quality to what the federal government requires. Lawmakers say they’re trying to get rid of expensive rules for businesses — but the Wisconsin State Journal says one-million acres of wetlands could be lost, and up to 300 types of hazardous air pollutants might go without regulations. The state Wetlands Association says the dropping of state protections could cause more floods and groundwater pollution — but the office of G-O-P Senator Roger Roth of Appleton says only a few states regulate wetlands beyond federal mandates, and businesses that cover up wetlands would still pay fees to restore them elsewhere. Meanwhile, G-O-P Senator Duey Strobel and Representatives Jesse Kremer and Cody Horlacher are seeking sponsors for a bill to end D-N-R air pollution rules not covered by federal laws. The lawmakers say only one third of the pollutants in question are actually emitted.