Over the past several months the City of Manitowoc has seen a tremendous increase in suspicious activities taking place within our city parks.  Such things as vandalism, small fires, littering, vehicles/motorcycles performing “burnouts” which has caused damage to the new blacktop, fireworks, reckless driving acts, and intimidation of park patrons are just a few of the examples of the issues that have taken place within our city parks.

We ask that the community to PLEASE be respectful of all of our parks, the patrons that use our parks,  along with all the “neighbors” of the parks.  Our city parks are here for the enjoyment of ALL of our citizens.  We cannot, and will not, tolerate a small group of people ruining are parks, intimidating park patrons and being disrespectful to our parks neighbors.

We would also like to remind citizens that anyone found violating park rules, city ordinances or state statutes within a city park not only face possible fines/arrest, but also exclusion from all parks within the city limits.  We ask that the citizens of Manitowoc please be vigilant and that if they observe any behavior that appears suspicious in nature to contact the Manitowoc Police Department at (920-686-6500 option #2 immediately so we can address these issues in a timely manner.  Or if you prefer, as always, you may contact our Crime Stoppers line at (920) 683-4466.  Working together we can make our parks a place where everyone in the community feels welcomed!!