The family of the stabbing victim in Waukesha’s Slender Man case says they’ve received the closure they were looking for. But in a statement Thursday, Payton Leutner’s family does not believe a mental hospital is where teen attackers Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier belong. The 15-year-old Geyser pleaded guilty Thursday to attempted homicide — and the judge accepted a plea deal that found her innocent by insanity with an immediate mental commitment which could run as high as 40 years if prosecutors get their way. Geyser and the 15-year-old Weier both could have gone to prison for stabbing classmate Leutner 19 times in 2014 to please the horror character Slender Man — but Geyser did not mention him Thursday when she explained her actions in court and admitted taking medication for depression and schizophrenia. Weier was earlier found innocent by insanity, as a case that attracted international headlines nears its completion.