Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald says the final details of the state’s contract with Foxconn should be released “up to a practical point.” On the T-V show “Up Front with Mike Gousha” (goo shay’) Sunday, the Republican Senate leader said the “major pieces” of the deal need to be known before it moves forward. Fitzgerald says the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation and the Walker administration are doing the “heavy lifting” on the state’s three-billion dollar incentive package for Foxconn’s high tech plant in Racine County. A member of the W-E-D-C Board, Milwaukee Senate Democrat Tim Carpenter, says some of the released information is inaccurate — and he told Gousha he wants the contract released before the board votes on it so he can do “the right job for the taxpayers.” Fitzgerald says he both parties are asking “tough questions” on the Foxconn deal, and they should continue doing that “right up until the contract is signed.”