The 2018 Mariners Trail Calendars are now available for purchase at 17 stores around Manitowoc and Two Rivers. Mariners Trail Public Relations Director, Judy Corrado spoke about the calendar, saying “Annually we have a photo contest…They are judged blind, We have five people on our committee that judge the photos, and then we publish this absolutely beautiful calendar.” She went on to say that, “The cost for publishing and the cost for the prizes are all paid for by the sponsors.” Every penny then goes directly to the Mariners Trail Flower Bed Program. People in Manitowoc and Two Rivers are fully aware of how beautiful the trail is, even without the aid of the calendar. Friend of the Mariners Trail, Lee Kumer explained that counters were put up on the trail to keep track of traffic on the trail. He stated that “The Manitowoc counter recorded over 19,000 bicyclists, runners and walkers…and Two Rivers was about 18,000 people. That was in one month.” For a list of stores that the calendars are available, to see the winning photos, and to get other information on the trail,  visit