With the election still 12 months away, Wisconsin T-V viewers are already seeing special interest ads both for and against U-S Senator Tammy Baldwin. Today (Monday), the League of Conservation Voters is starting a 300-thousand dollar ad campaign for the Wisconsin Democrat, praising her work on matters affecting the Great Lakes. Last week, Baldwin joined several other Democrats to urge that 300-million dollars in federal money be restored in the 2019 budget for the ongoing Great Lakes Restoration Initiative — a series of environmental improvements that improve the water quality of the Great Lakes. Last week, the Freedom Partners’ Chamber of Commerce took out a statewide T-V ad blaming Baldwin for preserving a system it said was “rigged against ordinary Americans” — and without a firm G-O-P nominee yet, the ad simply urged people to vote against Baldwin. Republicans Kevin Nicholson and Leah Vukmir are vying for the G-O-P nomination.