State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald says the board of the state’s job creation agency should read the entire three-billion dollar Foxconn contract before voting on it. Economic Development Board member Tim Carpenter says the group delayed a vote on the Foxconn deal last month because taxpayers could have been left on the hook, even if Foxconn did not meet its job creation requirements — and the vote could now come as early as next Wednesday. Board members normally read summaries of final contracts before they vote on them — and W-E-D-C officials say the same will apply for the massive Foxconn deal. The board learns about the job creation requirements companies must follow to get state tax breaks, other conditions for getting tax dollars, and reporting mandates. Meanwhile, Assembly Democrat Dana Wachs of Eau Claire has been chosen by his party’s leadership to replace former Minority Leader Peter Barca on the W-E-D-C Board.