For the second time in three years, U-W Superior is dropping a sizable number of academic programs. The school said Tuesday that more than two dozen programs in sociology, political science, theater, and other areas will be suspended — which means they’ll end when current students complete them, and the suspensions will run for ten years before final decisions are made to shut the programs down. In 2014, the U-W’s smallest four year campus suspended a dozen programs and put 50 on review — and declining enrollments were blamed at the time along with budget deficits and Governor Scott Walker’s tuition freezes. A two-point-five million dollar budget deficit remains for this year, but online courses helped Superior increase its fall enrollment slightly to about 25-hundred. The Duluth News Tribune says faculty and students didn’t know the cuts were coming — and faculty and staffers were not involved in choosing the cuts like they were in 2014 because the process caused stress and low morale.