State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos reportedly told John Kasich he was “betraying his party” by signing a legal brief against the Wisconsin G-O-P district maps targeted in the U-S Supreme Court’s gerrymandering case. The New Yorker magazine was on hand when Ohio Governor Kasich attended an event in that state for all legislative speakers across the country. The magazine said Vos “amicably” approached Kasich and then “swore at him” for signing the legal brief which opposed the Wisconsin districts that Democrats say gave them no chance to win majorities in the Assembly and Senate through the current decade. Vos has not commented on the New Yorker story, featuring a long profile of Kasich as he reportedly seeks the 2020 Republican presidential bid after coming close in 2016. The Supreme Court is expected to make a ruling next year on whether the Wisconsin maps are unconstitutional, and if they would have to be redrawn in time for next year’s elections.