Police say an investigation is underway after the body of an adult was discovered this (Thursday) morning following an apartment fire in the Sheboygan County city of Plymouth. Television station W-B-A-Y reports that a woman was reported missing after the fire, but police say they have not positively identified the remains. Plymouth Police identified the missing woman as 46-year-old Tammy L. Aschenbach. Investigators say the fire broke out at approximately 1 A-M at a two-story, six-unit apartment building in downtown Plymouth. Police officers tried to get inside the building but had to retreat due to heavy smoke. Police say Aschenbach escaped the building, but she did not know whether her children had escaped. She went back into the burning building. Aschenbach has been missing since that time. Police say the children are safe. Two residents of the apartment building were transported to a hospital for minor smoke inhalation.