The University of Wisconsin’s first major reorganization since 1971 has been approved by the Board of Regents. The panel voted Thursday to let U-W President Ray Cross pursue the mergers of the 13 two year colleges with their nearby four year campuses in clusters throughout the state. Students and faculty wanted the move delayed so they could provide input — but with the colleges losing 32-percent of their enrollment since 2010, and the loss of millions of tuition dollars, Cross said the time to act is now and people can respond to the details as they’re being set before the mergers take effect next July. By doing nothing, Cross said some of the two year schools would have to close in 24 to 30 months — and his plan not only keeps them open, they’ll keep having strong ties in their communities. Regent Janice Mueller said she voted no because it’s uncertain that the plan is financially sound — and state school Superintendent Tony Evers voted no, saying there are Wisconsinites who feel “left behind.”