Manitowoc County continues to have a men’s homeless shelter in the former Saint Boniface School in Manitowoc. Mark LeGreve, board president and co-founder, told us that The Haven was founded about five years ago and opened their doors about three years ago. When they first opened up, they could serve 8 men at a time, but have jumped up to 10 at a time, with a typical stay being two to three months. LeGreve went on to tell us about how homelessness has not diminished, but rather is just going to be around. He stated, “Life is difficult. When multiple circumstances hit at one time, it just becomes very difficult and very hard to get yourself out of that situation. So that’s why we’re here. This year so far, since January, he have served 55 men.”

According to LeGreve, The Haven has hired a new case manager to help troubled men turn their lives around, and they are looking to expand to serve 15 by spring. He told us their success rate is 40% in being able to get housing and gainfull employment for the men they serve. Of the 10 men they are helping right now, 9 have joined the workforce. The Haven is in need of several items, including bus tokens, hygiene products, tolet paper and paper towels. Homeless shelter volunteers can assist in Fundraising or Shelter monitoring. For more information, you can call 920-652-9110, or you can reach them by email at